Buyers Beware Of Harvey Flooded Cars In Illinois
Are you looking for a new "used" car? The State of Illinois is warning buyers to watch out for cars damaged in Hurricane Harvey.
According to WQAD, Secretary of State Jesse White has told his staff to look over titles carefully.
If a vehicle has a title from a county impacted by flooding cau…
Rescued Texas Pets In Iowa
By now the horrific images of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the Texas devastation are for ever burned into our collective minds eyes. The tragedy of so many people losing everything from the treasured memories to their pets.
As a huge animal advocate it is at once both heart breaking and hear…
QC Brewery Named One Of The Best In Illinois
There's no shortage of good breweries in the QC, and one of our favorites was recognized recently by Best Things In Illinois. The website listed Bent River Brewing Co., which has both a Rock Island and Moline location, as number three on their list of best breweries in Illinois, citing the brew…
Help Those In The Quad Cities Dealing With Autism
RibbonsForKellsey CARE is a new organization "Creating Autism Resources for Everyone." They have already been able to donate 15 weighted blankets to Quad City children living with Autism.
These blankets are $170 which can often be outside the means of families with so many other exp…
8 Things You Won’t Find In The Quad Cities
I've searched far and wide, but I can't seem to find any of these things in and around the QCA. What a shame.
1. Beer
Gosh, I wish I could find a nice, refreshing beer somewhere. Could someone maybe lead me to it? I know I definitely can't get any at Hyvee...
Pass A Quad City School Bus And Get A Hefty Fine
It's Back to School week around the Quad Cities. That means traffic back ups in school zones and kids everywhere. Be extra cautious in school zones.
According to KWQC, both police and the Department of Transportation are reminding drivers to start watching for school busses...

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