Everywhere I turn, people seem to have their 'thing.'  You know the 'thing' they do that is just something only they do. I have never really had that kind of hobby ... until now!

Over the Christmas break I discovered a new little hobby. One I never thought I'd be doing, especially not at this age! Who knew adult coloring books would be so much fun and relaxing?!

I am definitely eating my words after making fun of the concept, originally. I was volunteering at Barnes and Noble at Northpark Mall, doing free gift wrapping for a local non-for-profit organization I am passionate about  (ICAN of the Quad Cities) when I first saw the huge selection. I had heard of it for pregnancy and birth but not for just any 'ol adult, any 'ol time. I asked a few women who purchased them as I was wrapping and to my surprise, they went on and on about how great it was!

Fast forward two weeks and I found myself at Barnes and Noble out of town while I was visiting family. I grabbed a fairly basic one for my 7 year old and I to do before bedtime, thinking it would be something fun for us to do together in addition to our usual routine. To both of our surprise, I loved it! We talked, laughed and had found a new way to calm things before bedtime that didn't include looking at electronics.

I loved it so much, I bought my other two, older daughters, adult coloring books for Christmas. It turned into something we all started doing together, which makes me love it even more! To my surprise, my sisters, nieces, brothers and even family friends all said that is what they wished to begin doing!

I really can't recommend it enough. It's a way to process and bring down your day in a mindful, present and creative way. Maybe it's true. The key to being an adult is to be more like a kid.