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A Space Station Could Fall On Iowa
The station's orbit has been decaying since 2015 and is scheduled to enter the atmosphere around April 9, give or take a week in either direction.
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 3/12/18
Clearing skies, but brisk; Arietta signs with Phillies; Win Styx/REO tickets at 8:20; Craig's Question: Are you & the fam going anywhere on Spring Break?
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 3/9/18
Another cold morning to start the weekend.
1 - Temps are just above the teens, but thankfully without a wind chill this morning. We'll climb to the low 40's today as we warm up a bit for the weekend. There's a chance for snow tomorrow night...
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 3/8/18
Cold start to the day; Win a chance to see Bon Jovi LIVE in Orlando; MO Valley Conference Tourney begins in Moline today; Craig's Question: What's your fave Bon Jovi song?
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 3/6/18
It's slick out there this morning. I almost face-planted on my back stairs.
1 - Light snow is in the forecast today before we see sunny skies for Wednesday and Thursday. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.
2 - Early voting is underway for the Illinois Primary...