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QC Girls Can Be Part of This Nationwide Anti-Bullying Rally
You've heard about Madison Keys as a Quad Cities hometown athlete who's competed agains the biggest names in tennis, but next week she's leading one of the biggest anti bullying rallies across the country here in the Quad Cities.
Here's Where Veterans Can Get Free Meals In The QCA
It's almost Veterans Day and many QC restaurants are offering special discounts, deals and free meals to veterans, active service members and, in some case, their family members and first responders to honor their service.
Hy-Vee Coupon Offer Is a Scam
Have you seen this coupon offer on social media? There's an offer for an $80 coupon floating around on Facebook.
Dunkin' Just Took A Shot At Starbucks
Dunkin' just dropped the 'Donuts" from it's brand name and now the company is slam dunkin' (see what I did there?) a shot at it's competitor.
Driver Travels Through Wet Concrete on I-74
Today's story is brought to you by the color "orange." Orange barrels, signs, and cones should indicate motorists are entering a work zone and show the correct path they SHOULD take to safely navigate through it.