Iowa Hawkeyes

Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 9/21
"Isolated showers" turned into 4-5" of rain in some areas last night.
1 - Showers and storms should dissipate by 9:00am, then the heat cranks up. Today's forecast high is 91º and the humidity will make it feel more like 95º. Forecast details are here...
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 6/16
Are you without power this morning?
1 - Overnight storms knocked out power to thousands of Iowa Quad Cities residents. A couple more rounds of thunderstorms are forecast for late in the day today and Saturday, but Father's Day should be quite nice...
The Top Five Iowa Hawkeye Bowl Games of All Time
This year's Iowa football team is GOOD! So you know whatever bowl game they play in will be a memorable one.
This got us thinking, what are some of the best Hawkeye bowl games in history?  Here are the five we came up with.