Quad Cities Gem Happy Joe’s Is Expanding
Quad Citians have known for decades that Happy Joe's Pizza is a treasure, but soon folks across the country may get to experience this unique piece of the Quad Cities.
A report published Wednesday cites a news release by the company announcing their intention to begin franchising Happy Joe'…
Are Quad Cities Little Caesars’ Getting ATM’s That Serve Pizza?
If you're hungry for pizza but you just can't deal with people, Little Caesars has a solution.
The pizza chain unveiled its Pizza Portal. It's a series of small ovens stacked like shelves which allows customers to order and pay from a mobile device, then pick up the pizza without waiti…
Celebrate Pizza Day by Eating Two Quad Cities Originals
According to the folks at, it is National Pizza Day. Some quick stats:

17% of all U.S. restaurants are pizza places.
Pepperoni is the most popular pizza. 36% of all pies ordered are Pepperoni.
More than 3 billion pizzas are sold annually in the U
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When She Couldn’t Reach Her Congressman She Sent A Pizza
A 38 year-old Utah woman unhappy with the President's nominee for Education secretary was hell-bent on getting a hold of her Senator, Orrin Hatch to "air her displeasure" and encourage him to vote "no."
When multiple calls and a voicemail went unanswered, the …
Secret Pizza? Where Do I Sign Up?
I've heard stories of an Iowa City business back in the day called "Secret Pizza." as the story goes the business was operated by an eccentric man simply named Roger with his whole gimmick being if you could simply tell him the location of the shop your pizza would be free...