Guns and Ammunition Stolen From Cars in LeClaire
Several vehicles were broken into in LeClaire and CrimeStoppers of the Quad Cities is looking for information.
Police say during the overnight and early morning hours of Sunday and Monday, several vehicles in the LeClaire area were broken into and various items were taken...
Quad City Police Warn You to Lock Your Car Doors
Car burglaries over the past week have Bettendorf Police reminding people to lock their doors.
Officers say they have received several reports earlier in the week about cars being stolen in northern Bettendorf. There have also been reports of cars stolen in LeClaire...
Moline to Dump Non-Resident First Responder Fee
It's been controversial from the get-go - a fee charged to non-residents of Moline who utilize the services of first responders. We first told you about the fee back in March.
Out-of-town drivers passing through Moline have been surprised by the law that has been on the books for&…
Police Urge Quad Citians to Lock Doors by 9 pm
Quad City law enforcement officials are recommending you add a few things to your nightly "to do" list to help prevent crime.
The Moline Police Department is taking part in the #9PMRoutine campaign, according to QCOnline.com. The premise is simple: check to see that your car(s) and …
Scammers Are Targeting Quad-Citians Again
Quad City area police say they've been receiving many calls and reports of scams targeting the elderly and college-aged kids in and around the Quad Cities.
Tipton, Iowa police remind you to remember the following:
If someone calls, says they are with the IRS, and you owe thousands in back taxes, but …
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 7/26
A hot steamy day to buy your Hawkeye football tickets.
1 - The humidity is noticeable this morning, and temps will climb into the upper 80's setting us up for heavy rain, and a chance of severe weather late today and overnight. Here are the forecast details from the National Weather Service...

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