Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 2/8
It is slick out there this morning. Be careful.
1 - An inch of light snow fell over night and as of 6:30am, many city streets have not been adequately treated, so it is very slick this morning. There are reports of a multiple vehicle accident on I-80 near Middle Road in Bettendorf...
How Far Can You Drive on Empty and Should You?
I can only remember tempting the fates and trying to make it to the gas station on fumes just once. I ended up stuck at the side of the freeway, in winter, in the dark. Not fun, or smart.
Despite most modern vehicles having a 'countdown' display telling you how many miles you can travel bef…
Police Activity Shuts Down Centennial Bridge
UPDATE: Centennial Bridge has reopened to traffic.
Centennial Bridge has been shut down due to police activity.
Information is limited at this time.
Avoid the area if possible.
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Accident on I-74 Iowa Bound Near I-80
UPDATE: Traffic is now moving freely.
ORIGINAL STORY: An accident on I-74 Iowa bound near I-80 is causing traffic to back-up to 53rd Street.
The incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Friday.
Avoid the area if at all possible.
Accident Blocks I-280 Ramp at U.S. 61
An accident has blocked an I-280 ramp at U.S. 61 in Davenport.
According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, the westbound entrance ramp, Exit 6, is blocked.
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Davenport Takes Heat For Not Salting Streets
Social media was buzzing about the City of Davenport's decision not to salt city streets on Sunday due to the cold temperatures, according to our news partners at WQAD. It may not have been a bad decision. Road salt has a chemical reaction with water which is what causes it to work, but when tempera…
Illinois, Iowa Road Conditions
As area roads become worse due to the storm, it is good to know what roads are safer to travel on than others.
Check these up-to-date road conditions across both states on interstates and highways.
View Iowa road conditions here.
View Illinois road conditions here...