If you're looking to prove your loyalty to the good ol' QC this Halloween season, maybe dress up in one of these costumes!

Here are the top 5 most "Quad Cities Appropriate" Halloween costumes.

#5: Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill was born in Troy Grove, IL, not too far away from the Quad Cities.  He fought for the Union Army in the Civil War and gained fame afterwards as a marksman, actor, and professional gambler.  Hickok was such a good shot he survived several notable shootouts.  He was shot from behind and killed during a game of poker.  The hand he was holding (aces and eights) has come to be known as the "Dead Man's Hand".

#4: George R. R. Martin or ANY Game of Thrones Character

George R. R. Martin, creator of the hit show Game of Thrones, spent a portion of his life living in Dubuque (2266 Jackson if you want to see the house).  Martin served as a journalism instructor at Clarke College (now Clarke University) from 1976-1978.  The first G.O.T. book on August 6th, 1996.  Since then Martin has released four more books and the story has become one of the most watched shows on television.

#3: Subjects of American Gothic Painting

Done in front of a house in Eldon, IA by Grant Wood.  American Gothic is one of the most recognizable paintings in the United States.  The painting was done in 1930 and currently sits in the Art Institute of Chicago.  There's even a Grant Wood Elementary School in Bettendorf!

#2: Bandits/Mallards Player (or Mascot)

Let's face it, sports costumes are probably the easiest.  If we didn't play a sport we know someone who did and has the right equipment.  While dressing up as Mo Mallard or Rascal the Bandit would be a much more difficult proposition but would be awesome.

MALLARDS: Jersey, pads, skates, helmet.

BANDITS: Jersey, hat, baseball pants, baseball socks, cleats.

#1: Whitey's Ice Cream Employee

Is there a more recognizable work uniform in the Quad Cities? The khakis, the apron, and that wicked cool hat! The only downfall is the people you're with will be disappointed if you don't bring actual Whitey's Ice Cream with you.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Dress shoes, khaki pants, white button down dress shirt, apron, Whitey's hat.