The Big Game is coming up Sunday. Some people, like me, will actually watch it for the football. Others will tune in just so they can discuss the commercials the next morning at work or with their friends.

No matter which it is for you, or maybe both, the snacks and Big Game food that either you serve or get served goes a long way toward completing the experience.

Here is my list of the 10 best bets, in no particular order, for Big Game cuisine.

1. Burgers. If you get lucky and it is warm enough to toss them on the grill even better but you cannot go wrong with burgers.


2. Nachos. They differ from your standard chips and dip because of the melted cheese and potential meat and peppers.



3. Chili. Everyone thinks their secret recipe is the best. See how yours stacks up with your guests.

raul taborda

4. Jalapeno Hush Puppies. Not for everyone for sure. But if you like a little heat with your food they are not a bad option.

George Bailey

5. Popcorn. While hardly an entree but it does serve a place as a filler.


6. Pulled Pork Sliders. My mouth waters just typing it.

Jack Puccio

7. Soft Pretzel. Always a good option for your vegetarian guests and something that helps soak up the adult beverages.


8. Chips and Salsa. Different from Nachos in that they are just a simple dip and eat. Just keep and eye our for the "double dipper."

david franklin

9. Pizza. Good any day but extra special good on Big Game Day.


10. Hot Wings. Well duh! What sort of a football watching party would it be without this staple.  If your guests like them hot or mild they will likely be the first thing to disappear. Then watch your couch because someone will sneak wiping their hand on your cushions.

Joe Belanger

So there you go. Enjoy the game and I hope your team wins. If you are serving these items your party is sure to be a hit. And if you are serving all these tasty morsels... well I haven't decided where I will be watching the game. :)