I don't mean to be a killjoy at this time of year, but I don't believe in ghosts. Still, there are enough people who have claimed to see some unexplainable things to make my belief questionable.

And, I work in one of the supposedly most haunted places in the Quad Cities so...

Here is a list of 5 (allegedly) Haunted Spots...


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    The Rock-n-Roll Mansion

    You gotta know that a building that began as a funeral home is gonna have a history of ghost stories, and the Rock-n-Roll Mansion - home of KIIK 104.9, 97X and B100 - is no exception.

    Many claim to have seen the 'woman in white.' One DJ quit because she kept seeing an evil face in the clock in one of the studios.

    I personally have only once heard footsteps on the stairs when I know I was the only person in the building.

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    Augustana House on the Hill

    Augustana College is almost as old as Rock Island is and has its share of creepy spots. One of the most notable is the House on the Hill, or the Weyerhaeuser House.

    This Victorian style mansion is at 3052 10th Avenue in Rock Island. It was owned by Frederick Weyerhaeuser, founder of the Weyerhaeuser and Denkmann Lumber Company.

    His daughter Apollonia allegedly haunts the place by locking doors and messing with radios.

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    Palmer College Phi Kappa Chi Frat House

    Local legend says this house at 723 Main Street in Davenport has the most reports of strange happenings.

    Frat brothers have woken up feeling like they were being choked. Doors have opened and closed on their own. Typewriters type on their own.

    Rumor has it a doctor haunts the house.

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    Davenport City Hall

    The story here, according to the QC Times, is that a failed aldermanic candidate named Hal haunts the council chambers and the mayor's office.

    Cause, you know, politics isn't scary enough on its own.

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    Hotel Blackhawk

    Local legend says a woman roams the halls, along with the ghost of Cary Grant who died there in the 1980's.