Ahhh...chicken wings.  My weakness, my obsession, my one true love.

To me, there's NOTHING BETTER than a plate of delicious buffalo wings.  But whether your into the spicy stuff, BBQ, or a little Asian taste with your wings, there are a handful of places here in the Quad Cities that make 'em better than the rest.

Here are my five favorite places to get wings!

1. The Filling Station - Davenport, IA

I'm fairly sure it's common knowledge at this point.  The breading is always perfect, and whatever flavor you get, there's a TON of sauce.  The meat is tender, and the outside is crunchy.  I make a point to have these wings AT LEAST once a month.  Find out more on their website HERE.

2. Hall of Fame Pizza & Wings - Bettendorf and DeWitt, IA

In addition to having some fantastic pizza, the wings at HoF are even better! Tender, juicy and delicious!  Wings, pizza and beer are the ultimate combination, and nobody does that combo better.  Check their website for more details HERE.

3. Mookie's - Davenport, IA

This hole-in-the-wall joint may not be the flashiest place out there, but MAN do they know how to make some wings.  If you're looking for somewhere different to get a great plate of wings, this is your place.  They have more on their Facebook page HERE.

4. Na Na's Chicken & Fish - East Moline, IL

I live on the Illinois side, so if I ever want to get some awesome wings without crossing the river, Na Na's is my place!  They also do great fried fish there as well.  See how delicious their food looks on their Facebook page HERE.

5. Hooters - Davenport, IA

I know what you're thinking..."You didn't pick Hooters for the wings, Jay!" But I did! While the atmosphere is pretty great as well, Hooters makes some excellent wings.  I know it's a chain and not a local QC place, but you can't deny a quality plate of wings, and that's exactly what they make at Hooters.