Davenport was named one of the most "miserable" cities in Iowa recently, and it's easy to see why. There are just so many awful things about our region, right?

For instance...

1. Whitey's Is Just Too Good.

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Whitey's is so tasty that you could end up gaining 100 pounds.

2. The Mississippi River is disgustingly beautiful.

The thought of boating, strolling or biking along miles of gorgeous waterfront is just so yucky.

3. River Bandits games at Modern Woodman Park are insanely fun.

Townsquare Media, Natalie Dal Pra

Watching a baseball game at one of the nicest minor league stadiums in the US sounds like too much of a good time.

4. There are just too many awesome breweries.

Kevin Walker

Between Great River, Bent River, Green Tree, Front Street, RIBCO, and Radicle Effect, you may never have to drink crappy beer again. So disappointing.

5. Having some of the best local coffee in the Midwest is overwhelming.

Atomic Coffee Bar via Instagram

QC coffee could cause serious caffeine overload. Say goodbye to sleep for the rest of your time here.