There are some places that just won't cut it for a Valentine's date.

Guys, we know what our perfect Valentine's Day would look like.

We're parked on the couch with a buffalo wing in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, a cold beer on the end table next to us, football or basketball on the TV.

We just had that, it was called SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.  And most likely the lovely lady in your life made or bought a ton of food just so she can watch a game she had no interest in.

Unless, of course, you hit the jackpot and have a girl who also loves football.  In that case, CONGRATULATIONS!

But, for the majority, it's time to repay the ladies with a romantic evening this Sunday.

With that being said, here's where NOT to take your date!


If you plan on taking a romantic walk or picnic by the river, change those plans immediately! We're looking at a high of 26 degrees on Sunday with possible snow.  Find something to do indoors!


I get it.  If Valentine's Day were about you, you would be completely okay with Panda Express or Ryan's.  But it's NOT about you, it's about HER.  Even though you're paying, any trip to the buffet on Valentine's Day will result in a break up or no second date.  Trust me.  Why do I even need to explain this one?


Nothing says romance like eating messy food with your hands while being distracted by 100 TVs, right?  EVEN IF your girl enjoys sports and wings, DO NOT take her to a sports bar! Odds are, you've been there dozens of times.  This is a night for someplace new.


Let me preface this by saying one thing.  If you do plan on taking your Valentine's date to a sporting event, you better be sure of two things.  1.) She's just as into this particular team as you are.  2.) There's something EXTREMELY romantic planned before or after the game.  If only one or neither of those are true, then DON'T GET THE TICKETS!


This also counts as your place if you two live together.  If you plan on having dinner and staying in where she lives, she will become extremely stressed out and paranoid.  Days prior will be filled with constant cleaning and possible stress shopping for candles or nic-nacs she thinks will make the place more romantic.  Not to mention she'll probably feel obligated to cook.  If you two don't live together yet, cooking dinner at your place is fine (seeing as you clean properly beforehand).  But if she lives there, go somewhere else!