These restaurants are gaining national attention for issues you would certainly like to know about.

When it comes to dining out, most of us go casual, with the exception of a special occasion and time. Casual dining is the happy medium between greasy, fast food and the more expensive, longer experience of fine dining.

Because of its convenience, easy access, and affordability, it seems casual dining is more in demand than ever. Should that mean we, the customers, should have to compromise on things like cleanliness and experience? I would hope not.

According to a study from Nation's Restaurant News on, there are plenty of chain restaurants that are not only subpar in those categories, but some of the dining experiences are downright gross. I wasn't surprised to find that we have many of these restaurants here locally.

Here are the 8 restaurants mentioned in the study that can be found here in the QC. Do you agree?

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

This was sadly marked the worst of the worst when it came to cleanliness, value and menu variety. Perhaps the tastebuds of the testers were burnt all the way off when they took the survey?


2. Chili's

The song about the ribs was loveable and memorable, but not everyone in this survey thought they were craveable.

3. Hooters

Their wings may have ranked low but I hear their breasts are amazing.

4. Applebee's

The 'bee' part of Applebees is sure stinging in this survey. When it came to value, they scored 'abysmally'  low on that scale.

5. TGI Friday's

It wasn't TGIF for the study participants. They booed the crave, atmosphere and value.

6. Famous Dave's

The study says customers just weren't feeling ambience and vibe here and weren't as likely to return.

7. Outback Steakhouse

Peeps gave it a second rating for crave but most people go back and like it.

8. Red Robin

Does the 'yum' in their advertisements match the 'yum' of the experience? Value was marked down for the RR.