It's like Christmas in July.  Amazon Prime day.  Deals and deals and deals on stuff we...probably don't need.  But it's so great to get a good deal right!

So click away on those clothes you think might fit.  Or stock up on every single birthday and Christmas present for the rest of the year.  Beware though.  If you go to far down the Amazon rabbit hole you can find some really weird stuff...on sale now!

Here are 9 of the stranger items you can get a deal on.

1.  A Bob Ross Cutout.

It seems Bob Ross has become more famous for his happy little trees after his death than while he was painting away on PBS.  And if your love for Bob is at an entire new level, this cutout can be the perfect addition to your house.


2. The Cat Backpack.

Cat's don't like to travel.  I'm also pretty sure they don't want to be shoved into a backpack with a small clear window to look out of.  You probably wouldn't want that for yourself either.  The below picture is probably photo shopped and even that cat looks terrified.


3. Duck face pacifier.

There are all sorts of these you can buy.  Gold grill.  Hillbilly teeth.  Big kissy lips.  All sorts of ways to amuse you while your child drifts off to sleep looking ridiculous.


4.  Human shaped pillow.

This is marketed as the pillow to keep you company while your loved one is away.  But let's be real.  Your spouse doesn't look like this.  Sleeping with a big fluffy round pillow is going to be much more accurate anyways.


5.  Kitten (or dog) mittens.

Once again, why do we do this to our pets.  This dog looks miserable.  Your cat would be terrified if you stuck mittens on his feet.  If Charlie from Always Sunny In Philadelphia thinks it's a good idea.  It's not.


6. Umbrella hat.

No.  Just no.  Be a human and use your hands and hold your umbrella.


7. Nicholas Cage magic pillow.

I don't know why all these weird pillows exist.  I guess cause people think they'll never be seen.  But somebody will find out you own a Nicholas Cage magic pillow and you can't explain why.


8. Toilet Fishing.

I get a good novelty gag as much as the next guy.  But can it be mildly useful.  Also, don't people just play on their phones...


9.  Uranium.

I mean, it's not plutonium.  Then we'd really be talking great Prime Day deals!