A full moon is always a beautiful sight, and one of the brightest and largest moons of 2020 will be visible this weekend.

KCCI Des Moines reports that a full "Snow Moon" will be visible this Saturday night, and will peak at around 2:34 am early Sunday morning.

The Snow Moon earned its name because February typically has a lot of snowfall. We'll see if the name proves accurate this month.

According to timeanddate.com, Native American tribes and people across Europe used to name months based on attributes they associated with seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. So the full moon in February is called the Snow Moon because of heavy snowfall that typically occurs throughout the month. It was also called the Hunger Moon because the winter weather created difficult hunting conditions and scarce food sources.

The Snow Moon will be the 4th largest and brightest moon of the year, so if you happen to be up late on Saturday/early on Sunday (and the sky is clear), it's worth searching the sky for.