It's a good day when you can exercise your Constitutional right and get free stuff.In looking at a list of some of the free things you get for voting, I think there's a way to grab it all in one day in the Quad Cities. It involves transportation, food and a gym visit, plus the voting. You can, quite possibly, make tomorrow the most productive day ever.

Several restaurants, stores and businesses are sure glad you will be voting tomorrow. Of course, you'll need proof that you did, so be sure to hang on to those 'I Voted' stickers.

I've rerouted the list from a little bit, to help you plan your big 'voting' day.

You start the day early to vote and cash in on your Uber deal, which is $20 off a ride to vote. They are making it uber-easy for you. They will take care of finding your nearest polling place for you so, no worries there. Getting to the right place will be a breeze.

Next, you congratulate yourself with a free coffee from 7-Eleven (you must have the app) and a free cookie from Great American Cookies.

For lunch, you get a free personal pizza from Chuck E. Cheese's (and hope that sticker stayed on your shirt).

After eating all that and working, you can hit Gold's Gym for free access to the gym. Get some great working out in to work off all that junk food you ate earlier. Not only will you feel really good, you'll have the most productive day ever.