Vaping has become a huge trend lately, especially among young people, causing concern among parents and health professionals. That's why one QCA school is trying to put an end to the habit through an unconventional method.

WQAD reports Orion High School in Orion, Illinois (just pass Coal Valley) has installed a vape detector called FlySense in their bathrooms.

The device can also be used to detect loud noises, and administrators hope this added feature will help students stay safe.

The FlySense device can sniff out vape. It does it by detecting the chemical change in the air when vape is exhaled. When FlySense picks up the scent, DeBaillie and other staff immediately get a text and email alert. Then they can investigate the incident.

The device though, has another purpose. It also helps stop bullying. An alert gets sent when the device detects loud noises and commotion in the bathroom, presumably, kids arguing, even fighting.

The school has been utilizing the FlySense detectors for around a year with much success. The sensor used to go off multiple times a day, but these days, it averages about three times a week.

Community donations helped fund the detectors, which run about $800 a piece.

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