This sounds creepy. And really fun.

Starting in August, the Old Joliet Prison will begin giving walking tours hosted by the Joliet Historical Society, reports ABC 7 Chicago.

The prison, which once housed criminals for 144 years, has become decayed over time, but to me, that just adds to the sinister allure of the place.

"Time has not been kind to it. In the East Cell Block, peeling paint hangs like stalactites. Vandals have wreaked havoc. Arsonists torched several of its two dozen buildings. Prison grounds were being swallowed by nature. But the Joliet Correctional Center, closed by the state in 2002, has never lost its power of fascination."

Although it's mostly rumor, many say the prison is haunted. I can imagine the pain and suffering of the prisoners would contribute to some unrest, to say the least.

The tours will be $20 a person. Come Halloween time, I am so there.

Check out a few pictures of the prison, taken by Instagram users. Pretty eerie. I can only imagine what the inside looks like.