A unique, random act of kindness that is helping the QC stay warm.

Get the fuzzy, bunny slippers (for your heart) out. The story alone will keep you warm.

We hear enough bad news in a day's time, sometimes it can really effect how you feel about people. When I see and hear about people in our community doing great things to help one another, whether they are strangers or not, it always restores just a little bit more faith in humanity, for me.

In LeClaire Park, downtown Davenport, IA. someone or somebodies decided to take a collection of extra scarves and tie them to the light poles along the river. On these scarves, were notes attached, giving permission for someone out in the cold to take one.

What an original idea! It makes me want to help, too. When an act of kindness can inspire others to action, well, then isn't that what it's all about?