emcee Joni Mitchell at Rockridge High School DWTS competition to benefit After-Prom

High school Prom. We all have the memories, especially what happens afterwards.

Whether high school prom was a great experience or one you'd much rather forget, there is no doubt about it, we want the kids to be safe. After-prom activities has been something my own high school did years ago and they are still raising money to do it.

Last night, I emceed their Dancing with the Stars competition. It was a fundraiser for their after-prom activities. I was thrilled to be back at my high school 'home'. It has been a long time since I last performed there as a pom-pon dancer. (Imagine this: I won 'Most Spirited' 3 years in a row.) I have some of the best memories there. From the school experience, to the performing in front of crowds (something I still love to do), to my own after-prom party attendances, I couldn't help but reminisce the entire time I was there.

The dancers ranged in age from 17-85 and I was simply impressed with their some of the props, costumes, displays and multi-media presentations.  I was especially impressed with the community, who manged to help raise a total around $8,000 for the kids after-prom event.