Sports rivalries have been known to destroy friendships and divide families. As a kid, with the intent of specifically defying my step-father, I chose the upstart Philadelphia Flyers -rivals of his Montreal Canadiens - as my favorite hockey team.

Usually, sports rivalries are between distant cities, but there are a few places in America where the rivalry is local. One of those cities is Chicago. In the Windy City you are either a Cubs fan, or a White Sox fan - there is no middle ground. There is no supporting both. North Siders are Cubs fans, and South Siders are typically White Sox fans first, and cheering for whoever is playing against the Cubs second.

For many South Siders it was probably easy to say, "I wouldn't cross the street to see the Cubs in the World Series," when it had been 70+ years, and it looked like it would be another 70 years, before the Cubs would make it to the Fall Classic. Now that the Cubs are in the World Series, are White Sox fans biting the bullet and showing support for the North Siders? Is it easier for Sox fans to show support for the Cubbies since their team won it all in 2005?

Some White Sox supporters say that the end of a 108 year-old streak is a compelling narrative that is hard to not support, especially considering that Cubs President Theo Epstein performed the same miracle in bringing a World Series championship to long suffering Boston.

Are the White Sox fans you know supporting the Cubbies, or are they die-hard South Siders no matter what?  Let me know in the comments.