Before you tell me I can shut this feature off ( I already know), let me explain.

Again, technology is a love-hate relationship with me. Truly. I love it some days and really, really hate it on others. I feel the same way about auto-correct. And it just gave me another reason.

Saturday night, Jay Rush and I met up to eat at my favorite restaurant, Chipotle. As I was getting ready, we exchanged texts about which Chipotle we'd meet at. In the Quad Cities, our choices are Davenport, IA. or Moline, IL.
I didn't think the word 'can' would make or break the mean of an entire sentence. I also didn't think 'can' could be turned into 'can't' in auto-correct. Talk about the power of ONE word!

This is what I call 'Joni Luck!'


There is nothing like this happening again just a few days later. Thankfully, it didn't cost me time or gas. It just cost me some pride ... and some serious introspection! Haha!

My response to a friend's meme on co-dependents


While this one was really funny, I am thankful it hasn't been worse. A few other friends have had to endure it also. I like it when I like it and DON'T when this happens. I mean, I tend to say crazy, funny stuff on any given 'normal' day! I certainly don't need the help of auto-correct!