One of Blake Shelton's biggest fans is 89-year-old Joyce Berry, who resides at a senior's nursing home in the star's home state of Oklahoma. Joyce's daughter, Sandi, started a social media campaign in hopes to get the attention of the singer and convince him to make a visit.

“I would love for you to come and visit us here. We are all No. 1 Blake Shelton fans and we’ve got pictures all over to prove it to you,” Berry says in a video in which she holds up a picture of Shelton from her nightstand. “Please come and visit us here. We don’t get too many visitors but we have chosen to make you our No. 1 visitor. Please come.”

Her ask has been been viewed more than 176,000 times, even by Shelton himself, prompting a positive response from the singer:

No word on when Shelton will make his visit to Joyce's nursing home in Elk City with his busy schedule, but with a budding new business in Oklahoma, it's likely he'll be back home soon.

Following news that Miranda Lambert has closed her Pink Pistol store in Tishomingo, Okla. — where she lived with her ex-husband — Shelton has revealed that he has bought the building.

Shelton tells E! News"As for the actual properties left behind … I was offered the opportunity to buy them, and I have a plan brewing."

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