Briana Tyson had to have surgery after a multi-car accident last week while headed to a radio station to promote her new single, "Throwback."

The singer is currently on the mend after undergoing surgery for a broken collar bone. According to a press release, titanium plates and screws were installed to stabilize her fractured bones.

"The surgery went wonderfully," Tyson says. "I was absolutely terrified going in, but the staff took such great care of me. The recovery is going to take at least 4-6 weeks, and I have about a 4-inch battle scar to show for it, but I'm just glad to be alive."

In addition to undergoing surgery, Tyson will have to take part in physical therapy to get the range of motion back needed to play her guitar.

"It's going to feel so weird not being able to play my guitar for so long, so I know once I finish physical therapy I won't be able to put it down! You can expect me to hit the ground running hard in May," she adds. "I have to make up for the lost time, so I have my team hard at work rescheduling tour dates for the summer. I can't wait to get back to work! Thanks to God, my fans, friends, and family for holding my hand through all this. I'm feeling very blessed."

Tyson was on her way to Cookeville, Tenn., radio stations with her publicist, Julie Reliford, when the accident occurred. Her car hit a slick part of the road, which caused it to hydroplane. After a 180-degree spin-out, the car hit a truck that had stopped to assist another hydroplaned car, and then the guardrail before finally coming to a stop. The car was completely totaled. Both Reliford and Tyson escaped with relatively minor injuries.

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