With just a few weeks before the start of the Iowa State Fair, work has begun on what some view as the highlight of the entire fair, the butter cow! Every year the cow which is carved out of a huge block of butter draws thousands of spectators so the sculptors have to come up with new themes to keep the crowd excited and looking forward to coming to see it.

This year is of course no different as butter sculptor Sarah Pratt is in the cooler sculpting the cow and a butter homage to Star Trek!  Pratt will be sculpting Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Uhura all being depicted on the bridge of the famous ships bridge, along with a model of the starship USS Enterprise.

"Butter is going space age as tribute to 50th anniv. of @StarTrek will join @ISF_ButterCow during #ISF2016," the State Fair posted on Twitter on Wednesday. You can click the link to follow along with all the progress and see pictures.

The sculpture is to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek and to coincide with the release of "Star Trek: Beyond"  later this week.

If you would like to make the trip to see the sculpture you can find it at the Iowa State Fair in the John Deere Agriculture Building, August 11-21st. Quick fun fact the butter cow was first made and put on display way back in 1911. That is ALOT of butter.