How I ended up dancing with Chris Soules is magical.

I had no idea when I walked in to work yesterday that I would be going with Olivia to interview THE Chris Soules. He was, and still is, by far, my favorite bachelor from the ABC hit show.

Maybe it's because he is from Iowa. Maybe it's because I admire his nervous laughter when it gets a little higher pitched when a joke is made or he is complimented and doesn't know what to say back. (Did I seriously just say it like that?) Or maybe, just maybe, it's the those blue eyes that smile long before the corners of his mouth reveal those gleaming, sparkly, white teeth.

Oh my gosh, I've been bit by the CS bug. I thought I was immune. I am kicking my own ass at this point. Repeat after me: Joni doesn't believe in romance anymore. Joni doesn't believe in romance anymore. It's a trick I tell ya.

No doubt, he is nearly painful to look at in the handsome-sort-of-way, made me blush a million times (but hey, I made him blush, too) and I may have died a million little deaths on the inside, realizing how big of a deal it was that I had wanted to dance with him since both our stints with a Dancing with the Stars competition. Obviously, his was MUCH bigger and mine was here in the Quad Cities, but we certainly had that in common and it was a great start to our interview.

When he asked me to show him my moves, I naturally, obliged. See all the dancing we did together, the mutual blushes and hugs in the Facebook Live video below. All the action begins at about 18 minutes in.