No one is more grateful than Chris Young for the success of his most recent studio album, I'm Comin' Over. The singer says that the album's No. 1 debut -- his first -- gave his career a big boost.

"Everything work-wise right now is just going so well," Young tells The Boot. "It’s an incredible kind of note to go, ‘Man, everything’s going so well.’"

But Young isn't about to coast; rather, that success is propelling him to work harder than ever before.

"Between now and a year from now, I would like to keep growing everything that’s going on as far as the touring side. I’d definitely like to have something really cool set up for next year, which is obviously something we’re working on right now, and always working on," Young shares. "But, also, as fast as these singles have gone, I’ve never gotten to go really deep into an album -- normally, it’s three singles, and it feels like this one will be a little bit more than that -- so I would say that’s my kind of 'cross my fingers' moment, that we get pretty deep into this record, because I think there’s a lot of stuff I want people to hear as singles off of it.

"I have a lot more to do, definitely -- a lot of stuff that’s coming up in the future that’s going to be great," he adds. "So many things have been incredible."

I'm Comin' Over is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes, and a list of all of Young's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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