The QC has wanted one of these for years.

When it comes to the organic foods trend, no doubt, if you've visited or lived pretty much anywhere else in the world, the Quad Cities is behind the ball on it. I have visited Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and compared to those bigger cities and outlying areas, we aren't as progressive here.

Thankfully, there have been places like Greatest Grains, where I frequently go, who have been in Davenport, IA. doing it since before doing it was cool.

This new possibility could show up at the old Ruby Tuesdays on 53rd Avenue in Davenport. There is a plan and proposal to demolish the existing building to make room for a 15,000 square foot organic grocery.

But the name of the retailer is not being given.

I think the more access to organic foods we have a society, the better. The more local the better for me, personally, but there is always room for more organics. This speaks my love language in business. And I can't wait.

What store do you think is headed to the Quad Cities?