Iowa has just been ranked number one in the nation for this.

I get really jazzed when I hear about alternative energy sources. I am a big fan of utilizing what nature gives us and really get nerdy when we can figure out a way to harness it for everyone's use.

Wind energy, for example, is a pretty cool discovery. It's been around for thousands and thousands of years, dating back to 5000 B.C. and the idea of a simple windmill to pump water, back to 200 B.C.  Here we are, in 2016 and the state of Iowa has something pretty brag-worthy in the world of energy.

Iowa was ranked number one by the U.S. Department of Energy, showing it's the first state to go over 30% mark for all electricity generated in wind power, according to


pic: U.S. Dept of Energy

Since wind puts energy back on to the grid, could this help lower the rate and cost of electricity for Iowa residents? I sure hope so. It would be very neat to see costs go down for families, instead of up, for a change.