Relief and help were provided for families this weekend after last week's tornadoes.

Our very own Cross Fit group in the QC defined what 'community' means when they helped the neighborhood in East Moline hit by an EF-2 tornado.

According to, Saturday afternoon, at least 40 members gathered to start cleaning up. Some didn't even know those who live in the neighborhood. They just helped because they wanted to.

I never lack feeling all the feels when I hear or see this in action. We can all pull together in our community and help those in need, no matter what. There is always a 'how', always a way to accomplish raising the bar, making time, doing the work and keeping our community bonds strong. Nothing feels better than helping out those in need. It always comes back around and when you need it, trust me, people will show up to help. It's one of the things that matter most.