I am in awe of this experience and am so grateful for what it has done for me.

While I 'technically' came in 4th place, I did manage to score 3 - perfect 10s on my cha-cha-cha! I am happy with that placement, especially since there were over 20 couples!

What really made me a winner though, was the fact I got to be reunited with something I absolutely love AND the fact, I got to do something my children have never seen me do before! In fact, they never knew I even had it in me. What I got in return from Dancing with the QC Stars, personally, is absolutely priceless.  My 12 year old said, "Mom! I was so proud of you! I almost started crying. Tears were in my eyes! I have never seen you so confident in all of my life!"  That, right there, ... to be 'cool' in my children's eyes, to show them what overcoming confidence and weight issues looks like and doing what you love in life, well, I won over and over!

My youngest got to be in the show with me too! She did amazing flips, cartwheels and round offs in the beginning. She did a perfect job of winning over all the other dancers too! In fact, she and Miss Iowa 2016, Alissa Morrison, are now besties!

They spent every second together! BFFs

I have so many to thank my new-to-the-scene dance partner, Blair Perrin! At the last minute, my dance partner got changed and Blair worked very hard to learn this dance in less than 5 days. He's a really great guy and I can't say enough about his determination! He also got matching side-shave with me, which was pretty bad-ass.

Here are a few pics from Dancing with the QC Stars to benefit Livefit with Lupus!