Analog Arcade Bar, downtown Davenport, was bummed about the five-finger discount of their Nintendo sign. Then this happened...

Bar signs get stolen. We all have a 'story' about our college days. You know how it is. I was on a party bus once doing a 'tour' of places in Champaign-Urbana, IL. We are going on with our night when, suddenly, the bus gets pulled over and a police officer announces someone stole a bathroom sign from one of the bars. One of the girls who was brought along (who was not in our immediate circle of friends) was responsible.

Thankfully, the nice people at the bar got their sign back and none of us got into trouble.

The person who took the Nintendo sign at Analog, had a different thought in mind about how to return their sign! I have to give him credit, it was definitely an original idea to do it this way!