David Bowie's personal art collection went to auction on Thursday, November 10 in London, where it reportedly tripled pre-auction estimates and brought in $30.3 million, according to Rolling Stone.

Over 47 artworks collected by Bowie during his lifetime, including pieces by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frank Auerbach and Damien Hirst, were auctioned during the first day of the two-day Sotheby's event, which is reported to feature 350 artworks previously owned by the late artist, who passed away on January 10.

The event, called Bowie/Collector, is both an auction and exhibit, with Day 2 to take place Friday, November 11.

Beth Greenacre, the event curator, told the magazine that Bowie "used his art to understand his place in the world," adding, "He was an amazing historian. He was always looking backward to understand the present..."

Meanwhile, Bowie/Collector art advisor Christina Shearman called Bowie a "true collector," telling the New York Times, "His acquisitions were not commercially motivated; he cared about the art, not the market. His was a deeply personal, eclectic collection, reflecting his British roots and his real passion for art."

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