Actress Debra Messing asked Gwen Stefani to "talk to your man" after what she interpreted as pro-Donald Trump comments from Blake Shelton. Later, she admitted her passions got the better of her.

Shelton talked to Billboard recently, and while he didn't endorse or outwardly say which candidate he prefers between Trump and Hillary Clinton, he didn't say which he doesn't like most, either.

The full quote reads:

I'm not going to have the political conversation with you about Trump, or about Hillary Clinton, but I will tell you this: Whether you love him or hate him, he says what he thinks, and he has proven that you don't always have to be so afraid. A lot of people are pulling for him, no matter how much Hollywood fights it. I see people who don't like him go and beat up people that do like him. You tell me, who's crazy here? ... I probably wish there was another option, but there's not.

Some media outlets interpreted that as a not-so-subtle endorsement for Trump. Messing did too, retweeting Vulture's article in her tweet:

Messing has found herself in a similar debate before. In March, she and actress Susan Sarandon went back and forth on Twitter after Sarandon said something Messing interpreted as being pro-Trump if Hillary Clinton were to win the nomination. Entertainment Tonight recaps that fight nicely.

Shelton explains how he did not endorse Trump or any candidate, saying he "don't do that sh--." Numerous media outlets had interpreted his comments to Billboard as a subtle endorsement.

Messing soon retracted her tweet, saying:

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