You may have seen a coupon circulating around Facebook recently, claiming to gift the user a $75 Costco gift card if they share the post.

Many Quad Cities residents have been excitedly sharing the deal across social media over the last week.

But as CBS2 Iowa reports, the coupon is a total scam.

Despite showing a store number and transaction number like the real deal would, clicking on the link will lead you to a page that attempts to collect your data.

As soon as you click on the coupon, you are directed to a site that tells you that you must answer a few questions. After that, you are asked for your personal information. This hoax has made the rounds before, like other fake giveaways involving big brands like Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut.

Costco posted on their official Facebook page stating that the coupon is, in fact, a fake.

If you continue to spot coupons around social media, make sure you're following the official Costco page before clicking.