Their juvenile crime spree just came to a screeching hault in the Quad Cities.

It started with a 17 year-old male teen from Arkansas picking up a 15 year-old girl from Louisiana in his parent's stolen vehicle. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and being caught, right? Not so. This teen duo have surprisingly made it through eleven states total, with stolen guns, and a five finger discount plan to sustain themselves.

According to Davenport Police, '...they have so far logged 85 stolen items including wallets, purses, and electronic devices from multiple states that the two had in their possession.' (

The two are suspected in several Bettendorf garage burglaries. They were finally caught at Hotel Davenport on Brady Street and taken to Scott County Jail.

Here are a few other teens with the same 'Bonnie and Clyde' bright ideas: