What famous musicians dying words were, "Money Can't Buy Life?"

The answer is a minute. But before we go any further I need to extract a promise from you, the nice readers of this blog. You can't tell the boss about what I'm about to share with you. And that is this. I found one of the best time wasting sites online today and spent about 45 minutes, "on the clock" time playing around on it. Of course, it was research so I would have something fun to share with you. (right).

Anyway the website verywell.com has several sections devoted to the last words uttered by politicians, musicians, authors, etc.  Some are inspirational, some spooky and some just downright absurd. At any rate you can spend some break time checking them out and see for yourself. I had fun with it.

And the answer to the question. "Money Can't Buy Life" are alleged to be the dying words of Bob Marley.