Yesterday, I got to see The New Style Barber Shop's Owner, Miguel Rosas, work his magic in the back of my co-worker's head! Jay Rush is a die-hard Cardinals fan, and he lost a bet with Slater from B100, so he had to get the Cubs logo shaved in the back of his head. Who better to do it than our very own, local internet sensation?

The results of Miguel Rosas' creations have landed him viral pictures on the internet, life-long KFC and meeting several members of the Cubs baseball team Tuesday night after the Cubs big win over the Cards in the NLDS. He even got to meet starting pitcher, Jake Arrieta, who got to see Miguel's most famous work-of-hair-art yet in person.

Courtesy Miguel Rosas

However, no one has ever seen his work-in-action. Until now...

I was always so curious to see how Miguel did this. I got to sit in a Spiderman barber chair just behind the camera. Miguel gave Jay a nice haircut first and then he began, what I always manage to call it, 'carving.'  Staring at an image he brought up on his cell phone with his left hand, Miguel shaved Jay's head with razor-like precision with the right. Surprisingly, it only took him about 20 minutes to complete.