Acts of kindness from this country music star not only puts a smile on strangers faces but mine as well. Find out what he did!

How far are you willing to go to simply put a smile on other people's faces? In a world where we barely have quality, face-to-face (not Facebook) time with people, the sense of community and acts of kindness, are well, pretty lost. Even worse, it seems we only get glimpses of it around the holidays. But what about throughout the entire year?

Brett Eldredge is donned "Flower Bomber."  It's definitely one 'bomb' I could live with and one that has made so many smile, you can't help but smile, too!

Perhaps it is the fact he sings Sinatra songs (and very, very well, I might add) that stir up nostalgia within him. Maybe he is trying to play up a good, sweet, small-town boy image. Or maybe he really just is 'that guy.' Our fantasies certainly tell us so, anyway! God knows I, now being a retired and reformed 'girly-girl' regarding romance, have had to learn that lesson the hard way. And yet, I still think this is wonderful :)

Do you ever just want to do something to make someone smile? Try it. And don't wait until Valentine's Day! Do it now, because it's Friday. Do it now, because if you wait until the 'right time', it may never happen. Do it now, just because. Do it now because people will always remember how you made them feel. Spread the love and while you're at it, pass me the Brett Eldredge with a side of roses, orchids and daisies! I could use a little more chivalry. Please and Thank you.