Guys, I'm back with another top five list, and this time we are gonna be looking at one of my all time favorite foods in the entire world, that's right we are counting down the top 5 places to find some delicious pizza.

The list goes something like this:

1. Pizza Shack, Davenport, IA This small pizza parlor is found in Davenport up in the northern part of town off of Northwest Blvd. They specialize In what we have come to know as Quad City style pizza. I must say is one of my favorites for their delicious crust!

2. Porters Village, Hampton, IL  This is the hidden gem of the whole list, as this really isn't a pizza place but it is a kitchen inside of a gas station. Now many gas station pizzas are not this good, but man, when I say you have to try this, you have to try this.

3. WiseGuys Pizza, Quad Cities this is good pizza with a classic pizza parlor sports bar vibe. I'm a huge fan of the buffet that they put out most of the week, and the special pizzas they can make such as a Rueben style pie, or the Big Marv which is a BIG MAC as a pizza are what puts this spot on the list.

4. Johnny's Pizza and Slices, Davenport, IA The newest pizza place on the list and the newest in town. This place does pizza good, and I mean good. The best part? slices! they sell pizza by the slice which sometimes are as big as a whole pizza! Go get one today.

5. Happy Joes, Quad Cities We could not have a list of top pizza places in the Quad Cites without including the king: Happy Joes. With many locations around the QC and a taste that is only found around here, there is no question why this is a place people get pizza shipped all over the world from.

So there you have it. Five amazing places to get pizza. Now this is in no way the complete list, as there are so many local and chain pizza places that serve some amazing pizza, these are just the 5 that I tend to visit a bit. Leave a comment below on what you want to see on the list and tell me your favorites.