As we all know the world we live in is a constant changing place and it seems that every time we turn around things keep getting more and more expensive, cars, home payments, groceries, and expenses for keeping ourselves happy without the job giving us more money to compensate the difference.

So what can we do? Well, the obvious answer is to try and make more money or at least save and cut back what we spend, but what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable to cut out of our daily lives? Here is a list take a look.

The top five things to cut back on are

1.  Eating out

2.  Booze

3.  New clothes

4.  Cigarettes

5.  Heating or AC

So with that being said what are the items that maybe we wont let go? The five things we blow money on that we cant budge on are

1.  Our hobbies and activities

 2. Entertainment

3.  Netflix or cable

4.  Our cell phone bill

5.  Gadgets

So how does this lists stack up to your life? Do you see anything that maybe you would add or remove? let me know in the comments below.

Click on the link HERE to see where I composed this list from.