Nothing says big city living like street food. When I lived in Ottawa, Canada, I loved getting hot dogs from a particular street vendor who used the same links they served at Expos games in Montreal. He was the only vendor who steamed his hot dogs. One of my favorite treats when visiting New York City is a huge pretzel from a street vendor.

Recently, food trucks have become the latest street food craze. Some are unique food vendors, while others are mobile versions of your favorite brick and mortar restaurants.

In September, the city of Davenport had a 4-week trial program for street vendors named Food Truck Tuesdays. The program was a huge success, with over 600 people attending the final event.

In late September, Davenport Council voted to extend the program for two more trial weeks and move the event to Fridays. The first Food Truck Friday is today, Friday, October 7, with the next being held next Friday, October 14.  Both events will take place at Bechtel Park at the foot of the Government Bridge in Davenport from 3-10 p.m.

City staff hope to have a long-term food truck ordinance ready for council to consider in the coming weeks, with hopes of having regular food trucks on the streets of Davenport in the spring of next year.

Get out there and support the food truck program, so we can enjoy a richer, more diverse culinary and cultural life in the Quad Cities.