Ditch the mindset of 'resolutions' and look forward to solutions in the Quad Cities this weekend.

Don't you hate when your good intentions for the new year end a few weeks later with a piece of pizza, a box of milk duds and lack of willpower? Making changes can be harder when you don't have the right motivation and support.

Studies from Harvard have shown that you have greater success with your weight loss goals when you have the right support, regardless of the diet you choose. Say what?

'The more support sessions participants attended, the more weight they lost and the less weight they regained. Actually, the average weight loss among participants who attended the support group sessions was 20 lbs compared to 9 lbs for those who did not – that’s a staggering 225% difference!'

This Saturday, January 7th at Rhythm City Casino (Elmore Ave. Davenport, IA.),from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., the 2017 Integrative Lifestyle Forum will help you empower yourself with new ways of looking at your life goals, including weight loss.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Sayed A. Shah of Davenport, a leading gut health expert and medical doctor and Dr. Robert Scott Bell, a nationally recognized Homeopathic expert and media personality. Ali Smith, Co-founder/Executive Director of Holistic Life Foundation Inc. will talk about his work in Baltimore’s underserved communities.

The forum will also feature Alexandra Jamieson, co-mastermind of Supersize Me! and author.

I have seen the documentary SuperSize Me (among others) and personally know all three of the speakers. An event like this is right up my natural health alley and lifestyle. I can't wait to see what they have to say and more importantly, I hope I get to see you there and we can learn together.

You can get tickets through EventBrite.com: