Ladies, yes, we can take over V-day.

In some traditions, somewhere in 'Somewhereville', women of the single-type everywhere, have decided to start a new tradition on the V-day. It's Valentine's Day for those of you who thought I meant something else.

Galentine's day is a new definition of 'Valentine's Day for Gals.' See? Not-too-shabby, huh?!

What makes GALentine's Day so special? Grab your gals and read up, ladies. It's about to make a whole 'lotta sense.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate together and turn this Valentine's Day into YOUR day:

1. Because it will feel like a long, overdue, never-ending episode of Sex and the City.

For the most part, they are everyone's favorite girlfriends. There is nothing about that show that you can not relate to. Everyone of those girls are different but their perspectives together? Sometimes, genius. If nothing else, the martinis always help and the laughs, well, are the great ones. The kinds you have only with the Gals.



2. No Rejection.

When you are with your best girls, and I mean the ones who are truly your friends and not your fake, shallow, surface 'girls' who you feel in competition with. Oh, don't act like you don't have those. Hopefully, you don't but hey, some of us are on different places along the ladder rung when it comes to friends. You'll learn if you do, but hopefully, you don't. Love yourself. You don't need the extra drama.



3. You'll tell each other how 'hot' one another looks.

We know when we look good. We know how GREAT we look when we all look good and then we go out together. Within the first 10 minutes of seeing one another, you'll hear enough 'Girl, you look hot!' sayings that you will have nothing but confidence for the coming week. You know why? Love. Because they love and respect you and help you see the very best in all of you.




4. The more you drink, the more 'I Love Yous' you will hear.

Girl, you know it's true! As the night goes on, your love for your friends (and likely everyone else, that is unless one of you is a mean buzzer) grows. So much so, maybe the entire bar will get a speech! Maybe the Uber driver will hear the ode-to-my-friends stories about 'that one time' she did something great for you. It's the best when you are in a loving space with your friends, whom you love, bubbly or no bubbly.



5. You can go see 'How to be Single' together and laugh!

Terrorize the movie theater with your laughter.