Just when we thought we'd get a break.

The snow accumulations exceeded what was originally projected for the QC and surrounding areas last night. In fact, there were some nasty accidents on I-80 to prove how dangerous winter weather can be.

According to our friend and meterologist, Eric Sorensen at WQAD, we'll be adding a few more inches to last night's snow, after midnight tonight. And here we thought Punxatawney Phil didn't see his shadow.

This will be the second biggest snow this winter. While it's not much compared to other parts of the country, it still isn't very pleasant to deal with, at least, not for me. Especially when the words 'freezing drizzle' are in the forecast first, with snow to follow.

If you haven't shoveled already, put on the coffee or cocoa, and get the boots back out. You may want to do that so you don't have a bigger issue to deal with once morning comes.

Happy Winter!