If you and your family have decided that this holiday season is the time to add a new furry family member then you are in luck. But first, as an animal lover, if I could give a word of caution.

When giving an animal as a present you need to give it very careful consideration. Sometimes the well intentioned idea of gifting someone a cat or dog for a Christmas or birthday doesn't have the desired effect. So before adopting a pet it's best if  the animal and it's potential new owner  have the opportunity to bond and see they are compatible and click. It's rarely a good idea to just pick out an animal for someone else.

With that being said if you are ready to invite a new four legged friend into your home this weekend may be the perfect time. The Quad City Animal Welfare Center is hosting an open house this weekend and are reducing their adoption fees by half for all animals that are six months and older. According to the story on WQAD 8 Quad Cities adoption fees are $50 for dogs and $20 for cats. The open house runs Saturday from noon to three.

The event will be held in the Adoption & Education Center located at  724 W. 2nd Ave in Milan. You can also visit their website for more information.