Well guys, I Jon Hazzard, am not known for always thinking ideas completely through. That claim could not be any more true then when I decided to take a quick middle of the night road trip to test my fortitude, and to see if I had the guts to visit a local spot that has become somewhat of a legend.

The Black Angel in Iowa City has quit the background and stories surrounding it and I, in all my infinite wisdom thought it would be smart to see if the legends are true. Here you can get a little background on the angel and find out why I might be a little crazy for thinking this is "fun."

I do have to let you know the  black angel is located inside a cemetery and to use caution and please respect the land that it is on if you do go decide to visit yourself, this is just the first of many stops this year for me when it comes to the paranormal spots in Iowa and the Midwest. Come along for the ride and please don't scream like a baby.

Here is a video of my trip. Please note this may be NSFW content, give me a break I was scared (don't tell anyone).

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.