Sadly, it seems we all just can't just 'get along.'

I may never fully understand hate. It's a strong word. It's a strong emotion that we've all felt. It's part of the human experience since time began. However, it's one thing to feel it and cope with it but another when you form a group and have intentions to harm people. It just isn't right.

I was disturbed to find out about the 892 hate groups in the country right now, bringing that national average up by 14%. Even more alarming to see Iowa at 9 but Illinois at 36! (This is where the rest of Illinoisians will blame Chicago.)

How does that effect us in the Quad Cities?

There are two groups that are active locally according to the journal. “We the People” are active in Burlington and Davenport. The group “Illinois Sons of Liberty” is active in Bureau County, Henry County and Warren County.

Now, I am not entirely sure what criteria a group has to meet in order to get on a hate group list but it makes you wonder.

(Read the full Journal HERE for more information.)

This is why spreading as much love and help as we can, like what is being done for our community through various organizations, including a touching Facebook page (QC Pay it Forward) is so important. It keeps us human to one another.